Biomagnetic Research Kit #5

N-1 Research Biomagnet
Approx. 3500 gauss strength
The N-1 biomagnet, used in decades of research by Davis and Rawls. The N-1 is 2 inches wide by 6 inches long by 1/2 inch thick. It will penetrate all living matter up to 12 inches in depth. Davis and Rawls have used this biomagnet successfully in their research for arthritis, blood pressure, sprains, infections and many other ailments. In addition, the N-1 is great for magnetizing large quantities of water. Research has shown that drinking North pole magnetized water is very good for your health.
High Energy Biomagnetic Tape
Approx. 1800-2000 gauss strength
One foot of our 3" wide by 1/8" thick high energy magnetic tape. The tape can be cut to a smaller size with a sturdy pair of scissors so you can make your own bandages. We cut your tape into two 6 inch pieces for your convenience. This magnetic tape is somewhat flexible and there is no adhesive applied to it. It can be used to magnetize water as well. Research has shown that drinking North pole magnetized water is very good for your health. Our high energy biomagnetic tape can even be used to magnetize seeds for improved plant growth.

Seminar DVD #1
Dr. Rawls presents a vast amount of information you can use. Includes a brief history of discoveries of Davis and Rawls, independent verifications of their work, and how it came to be that Russian scientists recommended Davis and Rawls receive the Nobel Prize. Also included are testimonials, correspondences with famous researchers, and the importance of Davis' discovery of the figure eight of magnetic energies. In the final hour Dr. Rawls answers questions from the audience.

Seminar DVD #2 - Free!
Dr. Rawls begins with a description of his cancer research, how he met Albert Roy Davis, and the fact that in the 1970's they were ridiculed for stating that magnetic energies have vortex spins, yet now it's common to read this in scientific literature. Dr. Rawls expresses the true nature of magnetism and its' implications, and the effects it has on the living system. Dr. Tom Levy presents application verifications of the discoveries of Davis and Rawls.

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Biomagnetic Research Kit #5
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